Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dollhouse went home

We delivered the dollhouse this afternoon. Danielle was so excited to have it in her room to play with whenever she wanted to. She turned on the lights after she put in some furniture and it looked like you could sit right in front of that fireplace and take a snooze. She has the cutest wooden tea cart with a silver tea set sitting on it. I helped her put up her towel racks, toilet tissue holder (with real T tissue) , mirrors, pictures and all the stuff that makes a house a home. She wanted to put everything just right, so I will take pictures tomorrow. It was quite and adventure, but I don't think I would be part of the building process again, but definately the decorating. Till tomorrow......

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  1. That dollhouse is absolutely stunning - I mean, truly, it's fit for a queen! (at least a very small one!). I love those dyed ribbons below too - the colours are just scrumptious. Oh, and that bag, what a treasure! You are so creative and talented I can hardly bear it. You must have the patience of a saint to create such beautiful and intricate things.


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