Monday, February 13, 2006

More snow....

We awoke yesterday to 6" of snow. It doesn't sound like much, but everything was covered completely in a white fluff. One of my favorite things to do after a heavy snow is to step outside and listen. Every noise is buffered. It is as if you fell into a bag of cotton balls up to your ears.
It has not been a typical Winter here in Northwest Indiana. We hardly had any snow to speak of. One or two days of accumulation which barely gave us a chance to take out the skis and sleds. I am not complaining, but if it is going to be cold, at least give us some snow to play in.
It is sad to walk through a dormant flower garden and yearn for Spring when all you see are signs of where roses used to climb, campanula used to bob their pretty heads in the warm breeze, and fern towered over the patio where the hammock hung inviting me in every time I walked by. I guess this is the time I should be relaxing before it is time to till the new beds, transplant the perenials, and all the other tasks that demand your time in the garden. Most of my seed catalogues have now arrived and I have decisions to make. Perhaps I had better put on a pot of tea and be thankful for my Winter snowfall. Better yet, I have stitching waiting on me upstairs.......

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  1. I too love the quiet after a snow storm. It seems so serene. I love to walk in it and hear the crunch sound it makes. We didn't have much snow further south got hit much worse - like Boston.


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