Sunday, January 29, 2006

Seed catalogues and Spring dreams

This is the view from my studio. The brick building is my garden shed. To the right of the evergreen you will find the entrance to my "secret garden". Last week I visited my friend Ellen. We paged through garden catalogues and selected some "must haves"while dreaming of Spring . I love to dig in the garden with my hands and feel the warm, moist earth.
I stopped by another friends house today who offered to share his greenhouse with me this year. For the first time in many years I am planning a small veggie garden. I love to pick fresh green peppers and tomatoes for the table.
I came home feeling anxious for Spring on this cold, windy, and rainy day and ordered every seed catalogue I could find. This will be a year of gardening for me. I tend my flower garden where I grow mainly perenials such as Foxglove,Ostrich fern,Campanula,Iris,Hosta,Bluebells, Daylillies,Poppies,Rose Campion,and many other favorites. I love to read in the hammock and smell the fragrant roses and lilacs while listening to the garden fountain my husband surprised me with. It certainly attracts the birds. Through the tall fern I watch them play and clean themselves without disturbing them.

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