Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 is here!!!!!

I am happy to start the New Year out in one of my favorite ways, strolling the shore with my mom looking for beach glass. Yesterday was Jan 1st, and the weather was exceptionally warm here in IN so I decided the snow must be melted at the beach and ran by to get my mom. She was excited and we were not disappointed. I knew we were meant to go because I found a rare red piece of glass and what a gift it was. When you are addicted to glass hunting and don't get to go for several months each year, you have to sieze the day and go for it sometimes. We had a great time and decided to make it our New Years tradition, to comb the beach on New Years day. I think this year will be a great one after all!


  1. Such beautiful Lucky Glass, Pat. I love it!
    I mailed your squishy off yesterday... ;-)

  2. Allie, I received the wonderful squishy. I am going to use the items in my landscape. You have encouraged me to work on my favorite theme. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you find the items I chose for you to be of use in your work.

  3. Darn I should have asked for beach glass.
    Too rough here for beach glass, the surf grinds it to sand

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