Sunday, November 27, 2005

Autumn Gypsy purse

I rarely like to use orange when creating for myself, but this little gypsy gal inspired this Autumn purse which I get so many comments on.A dear friend made me a few needle lace leaves(top green lace leaves) which I finally found a special place for. Posted by Picasa


  1. I love the print you transferred for this. It is perfect.

  2. Thanks Rissa. She was the inspiration for this purse. Thank yo also for the vase stamp which I got the chance to use on this project.

  3. Pat, your work never ceases to amaze me, each piece more exciting than the last, but Autumn Gypsy just jumps out to me. Gorgeous.

  4. I did a Gypsy Bag too! I used a purchased gypsy image - it's on my blog, way back in the May archives. Here is a link to the photo... I think....

    Take care!

  5. Laura, your gypsy bag is great. I love the way you pieced it too. Thanks for sharing it with me.

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