Friday, June 06, 2008

Finished already! Birth of an Inner Child doll.

The storm was short lived, but there is a chance for more moving though our area, so I am taking this opportunity to blog the birth of "Patty", the Inner Child I am giving a way to celebrate my third year of blogging (Last post). Here she is............step by step!

First I bead around the face.
I then embellish around the fused words and shapes using beads and stitching.
Then I just randomly add beads,sequins, etc.

I lay the front on the back fabric, wrong sides together and begin closing the doll using the blanket stitch as I roll the backing fabric around to the front.
I continue this until I am two thirds around and then I add fresh lavender buds.
Then finish sewing it together. Add hands, shoes or feet,and any charms and flowers you wish.
That's all folks!!!!


  1. Very cute, Pat! Love the purse and shoes! Glad you escaped the storm unscathed.

  2. Oh Pat, this is so darn cute! I love it! Thanks for the tutorial too and my mind played your note, "that's all folks" just as Elmer Fudd would have said it. lol
    xo, Monica :)

    p.s. can't wait to read your thank you note!

  3. hi pat
    what a sweetheart!!
    and thanks for sharing your 'tute' with us
    enjoy your day

  4. Thx a million for all the pictures. It is an inspiration for me!! I feel like i'm behind in the doll making process; however, I continue to gather supplies and hope to have a great outcome this Summer!!!

    I sure wish I had a better hand with faces. Mine aren't great. I continue to work on them!!

  5. Wow, she is a super girl!!

  6. Oh, I love the idea of the "inner child" doll. What a sweet endeavor...and therapeutic, too. You take good care of that doll now, ya hear? LOL ;)

  7. Pat, I just adore your Inner Child dolls and they're even more precious in person! Everyone is always admiring mine. This one is way cool, too. DRAT! Too bad I'm not a blogger!

  8. This little doll is adorable. Where do you get such a sweet little face?


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