Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Magazine update

Hi Peeps, I have two more issues of the magazine to put together and am getting the Autumn issue ready and wanted to ask if anyone has anything to contribute? Those submitting "how to" articles and projects and technique's chosen for publishing will receive a free printed and PDF copy of that issue. Events, your work (eye candy), and ads are all welcome at this time. Thank you.

I know Pam Kellogg is busy getting her first issue ready as well as a CQ calendar. To answer questions, yes, I will still be doing calendars and project books from time to time. I can't stop sharing,lol.

You still have time to send submissions for the Autumn issue as well as the Winter issue.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Blissful visits,new projects, and beautiful weekend with family

I hope you all had a safe and fun fourth of July. The days pass so quickly, I have only taken time to post a bit on facebook so I will catch up here for those who don't waste time there,lol.

As I mentioned previously, my brother and SIL got to visit for the month of June. We met at the beach one morning and we happened to have perfect weather for it.
Mila overwhelmed by the smooth pebbles on the shore.
 Steve searching for mermaid tears.
 Sharing their finds.
 Mila found the biggest, a green one!
This was their last day to play. That evening we had a cookout and they spent the night. The month passed too quickly but we had a lot of fun and memories were made.
My bud Jilly kindly drove us to the hotel in Chicago so they wouldn't have to rush to the airport the next day. We had to get final photos of course.

 Thanks Jilly! I owe you!

For my last update I was just finishing neck pouches for great nieces in Hawaii but a week later I'm happy to say that I am ready to assemble the purses and clutches for my sis in law and nieces. My sis in law was helpful in choosing the colors so hopefully each of them will enjoy their crazy quilt bag made with love.

This will be Mila's clutch.
 This is Sophia's purse
 Stephanie's purse
Jasmine's clutch
My nephew Warren's soon to be bride's wedding clutch
Along with the three finished great niece's neck pouches
So with all the excitement from the wedding and visits from friends and family, we had a quiet fourth of July weekend. Ed and Megan came over and stayed a few nights. We had quite a storm last weekend and lost our power for two days but St. Joe was hit harder and the kids were without power all week. They were happy to get some relief this weekend. We just hung out here and had burgers, watermelon and the usual cookout fare. It was relaxing for all and enjoyable to chat and catch up on the newlyweds.

Yesterday DH suggested a bike ride before it got too hot so after breakfast I grabbed my lemon drops and we jumped on the bike and headed East. Ended up a bit North in Michigan where we fueled up.
As we rode past several roadside rose bushes, the sweet rose scent was so strong I closed my eyes and inhaled all I could. It was amazing. It reminded me of the quiet dark ride home from St Joe after the wedding. I had the moon roof open and all windows down driving past the many spirea bushes along the road in several yards. The aroma was constant and soothing as I thought of the newlyweds beginning their life together with such a beautiful wedding with friends and family. I was so glad his Aunts and Uncles could attend. It was so special.

On the way home we had lunch at the Hacienda. Wet burritos, way too big but we tackled them as best as we could. Yes, they came home with us.
 A little FYI, do not eat lemon drops if you're going to have hot salsa. Yowza!!!!
Now I'm going to go for a swim so I'll leave you with a pic of my sweet friend in Texas, Annette. I love this photo of her.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Busy days with family

So where do I begin? After the strawberry picking and the visit to the Bison farm I took a trip to Portland MI with my bro and sis. We went to visit one of Mila's friends from the Philippines who worked with her at Macy's in Hawaii.We stayed at a Best Western that had several tall straight back chairs which of course Steve had to sit in each one claiming to be the Mad Hatter.
 We sat in the lounge for a cool drink and some laughs.
 Steve can't behave for a second as you can see above.

Mila's friend Joy and her family were so nice. It was a very pleasant visit, even with the downpour, thunder and lightening because we were safely sitting around the diner table eating a variety of delicious Philippine dishes. Thank you Joy!
The day after we returned home my niece Katie and her boyfriend came to visit. Remember my little Katie from CA? Well as I was waiting at the train station my bud Dawn and her granddaughters stopped to say hi. It was great because Dawn got to meet Nicole's sweet daughter.
Dawn and some of her adorable granddaughters.
 I took them to the beach since we were only about a mile away. Here are two great kids(young adults)....Trevor and Katie.
Me and my sweet Katie
 Katie immediately found this heart shaped rock. It is perfect!
 We later went to the outlet mall near the lake. My brother and sis were in the area and they got to meet Katie and Trevor.

The next day we headed to St Joe to shop and ride the carousel. We had the best coffee drinks at the Chocolate Cafe' Yummo!
 Then had a bite at Tosi's. (Nicole, I see why you loved Tosi's)

 Kids will be kids............

We slipped by to see Ed and Megan.
Then circled back to ride the carousel. This is a great picture isn't It?
 Later that evening we went to the beach to watch the sun set.....and find more mermaid tears.

The next morning I took them to the station and we bid farewell for now.

 It was sad to say bye but I was so happy for the time we had and to meet Trevor. He is such a respectful and fun young man. Good taste Katie :-)

The next day I headed to the beach early. It was foggy but I strolled along thinking about the fun I've had the past month and how busy I have been and am going to be. I found this sand castle and smiled. Simple times may have passed but I still stumble upon things that allow me to think back to those carefree days of  feet kicking up sand as I race my brothers to the waters edge giggling all the way.

 I am fortunate to get to enjoy the people in my life and thankful to have them. The ones I keep in thought as well as the ones I get to see in person on occasion. Life is good.

I did slip in some stitching time. A few little projects for family. These will be little purses for great niece's in Hawaii.
 More to come, I must get ready for mom's Doctor appointment. Have a great day!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Catching up

The days are flying by as I try to enjoy each one. The honeymooners arrive home this evening so I don't have additional wedding photos yet.

I did have an amazing time with Jilly and her mom at the Bead and Button show in Wisconsin. It was my pleasure to meet Susan Shufelt. Susan was taking classes but made time to meet and I was glad she did. She is a very nice fellow CQer.
 Before I forget to share, I wanted to introduce you to a special lady. I met Ralonda Patterson several years ago online when I had started the comfort doll project. She donated a beaded doll and She had used a gorgeous bead which I commented on so we exchanged beads. Soon afterward she was making "Willow", a beaded tree and she liked the metal leaf charms I sent her so I send more and she used them on Willow. Willow was in a contest in 2009. I wish you could see her in person.

 So, after years and a computer crash, I lost contact with her until the Bead and Button show I just attended in WI. I recognized Willow standing there under glass and my heart raced...could it be Ralonda's Willow? I looked closer and saw the tiny metal leaves and knew my friend had to be close by. I asked the gentleman in the booth and was told she just took off to lunch so I roamed around and returned to meet the sweet gal from Texas who was so kind and generous to me. I returned after a while and there she was, heading toward me with arms outstretched. I held back tears of excitement to finally meet her.
  She gave me a big hug and I returned it. I felt as if I were meeting a superstar, which of course I was :-) I didn't want to let her go. We talked a bit and she presented me with this adorable beaded fish named Stumpy. It is her original pattern. I love it, and yes, it is purple. Top view looking down.
Side view of Stumpy.

I wear her on a silver chain and study it often. Thank you soooo much Ralonda :-) Ralonda has an etsy shop too, so check her out from time to time.

The past few days I've been working in the garden in between activities keeping it fairly dead headed so I can enjoy stitching in it during "down time". Yesterday was a sunny somewhat cool day so mom, my brother and sis in law took me strawberry picking with them at Garwood orchard. It was fun and reminded me of when we were young and took grandma. You couldn't get her out of the field,LOL.

Mom had a great time as you can see. 
 My brother Steve .....
 threw rotten strawberries at me so my shirt is stained as well as my fingers.
 Steve and sis in law Mila.
Strawberry pickers!
After we picked two baskets which I think equaled 10 pounds, we shopped the farmers store. Mila is picking through salt water taffy to send home to grandchildren in Hawaii. I confess, I bought some too :-)
 I had packed a picnic and bought a few things at the farmers shop and we stopped at Bluhms Park for a picnic.

Today we went to a Bison farm. It was interesting I must say. I didn't know Bison didn't have upper teeth. That is why they scoop up grass instead of biting it. The heads on these animals are bigger than I thought.

 We bought some bison jerky which was pretty good. Then we had lunch at Applebee's. My salad was so huge I split it three ways. How embarrassing! It was delicious though.

 Tomorrow my other brother is hosting a father's day rib fest. I'm bringing the strawberry shortcakes and corn on the cob. Hopefully it is another cool breezy sunny day like the past two.

I just learned my niece Katy from CA is coming to visit us. Having Nicole here last month was excitement enough, now I get a couple days with katy too!!!
 I'm very excited to see that little sweet girl. This summer has been so busy but I am enjoying it. No pressures, just fun enjoyment. I have more visiting ahead of me and I'm going to slow down and enjoy every minute. Life is good.

So I'm off to the garden again. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.