Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn is here, wedding in family,exhaling once again.

Yesterday morning I pulled on my play jeans, rolled up the pant legs, tossed on my big over-sized white shirt and twigged up my hair then made it down the stairs quickly but quietly. I jotted "Beach" on the refrigerator whiteboard for DH, grabbed a cold bottle of water and stepped outside to scuff on my terribly ugly squirrel nibbled Nike flip flops then headed to the beach not wanting to waste another minute.
The sun wasn't quite fully risen yet, my favorite time of the day. I heard the waves drawing me closer as I hurried down to the waters edge.'s amazing how such a powerful pounding of the waves are so peaceful too. I knew my Sunday would be busy so I wanted this moment for myself. I closed my eyes and just listened for a while. I imagined the waves were electricity re-powering my much depleted energy. Time to restore! Rethink! Renew!
I did find some treasures too.
Autumn is here, actually it has been here the past few weeks but the calendar doesn't know that. The Autumn Clematis which was emitting its wonderfully sweet scent just days ago is now spent. Nada, nothing but the white furling fluff left. At least I got to enjoy it a few days while stitching on the porch swing.

I've been so busy I didn't get to share that a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet a sweet friend, Rebecca Boyer and her husband Don. We met at my beach and enjoyed a little walk. Rebecca has purchased from me and one day she sent me a peacock feather from one of her peacocks she used to have roaming around her home. I was touched by that trinket and from that moment I knew she was a beautiful soul, understanding the simple offerings are the most meaningful, I got it, she was who I thought she might be, a new friend.
We walked and discussed many topics, her husband is quite interesting and so very nice. I can't wait until they visit next year. This is Rebecca and her husband Don with their fur babies.
Family wedding!

My Nephew Warren was married yesterday in Hawaii. Can you imagine being married on a beach in Waikiki? It was no biggie for them since they live there, but what a perfect setting for a wedding. My beautiful sis Mila at the hotel the day before THE DAY!

 My big Bro Steve.
  I shared some parts of the reception on facebook. It looked like they had a blast with the dancing, the singer, the fun loving attitudes. I should have gone, and could kick myself for not making it happen. My brother and beautiful sis Mila are always so gracious. They are the closest to saints I've ever known. Battling two cancers, soon after chemo, Mila and Steve flew here to my son's wedding in May then stayed for a month to visit. She is one strong woman and I admire her so very much. Steve is so attentive to her and their marriage is built on love and it is a delight to be in their company. I'm blessed and fortunate to get to call them family.
 This was the reception hall decoration. Incredible.
Oh to live in Hawaii......................
So back to reality, My reality. life has been on hold for a reason I won't go in to, but now it is in full swing. Back in the saddle so to speak. Life is good and I have learned lessons galore this year. The main lesson that I've always believed and what keeps me afloat thine self be true. Always, always, above anything else, be true to yourself and be yourself and don't let anyone sway you into being anything different. Haters will hate, players will play, as the song goes, but we/I don't have to join them. Life is so darn short. Why get caught up in the minds of other people? Just don't is all I have to say. Ok, I'm hopping off the soapbox.
Speaking of the soapbox, we had to get a new dryer so we got a washer as well and my laundry room was torn up for a couple weeks. DH decided to put a new floor down since the room was empty and I decided to move the Hoosier in there for storage. What a job. My pantry still has over spill. DH stacked the paper towels on the shelf and said he should have some say in the decor, LOL. That's my man! Ive since added lace edging on the shelves and lace on the vintage dryer my sweet pal Terri sent me.

How nice to have a laundry room that is fun to decorate. It is the last room in our home that needed attention. A lot of attention.
Once the Hoosier was moved from the kitchen, I missed it so I moved the bookcase my father found in a ditch, (yes, a ditch) downstairs in its place and hung the mirror from my bath above it. The buffet mirror was from my MIL's best friend , and mine, Dorothy. Her MIL gave it to her when she was married. It was too sweet not to accept although I wanted her to give it to one of her DIL's but she said they didn't like vintage. ???? I was organizing I came across some old slides from 26 years ago. DH with our son playing in the water after a storm.
Me walking from the woods with my wellies,LOL, ok, my husbands gum boots.

DH carrying me in our new old home. Poor guy! Little" toe head" Ed climbing up the steps.
Me trying to organize my new digs.

 Seems like a lifetime ago. I can hardly remember living there but I do know I loved it. So many memories in five short years. We miss the 20 acre woods but I wouldn't change my location for all the tea in China.
The day is half over and here I sit. I'm outta here peeps. Make it a great day!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

A couple Online CQ Stash shops I recommend.

Hi Peeps, I wanted to give a shout out to two deserving online shops if I may.The first is Crazy Quilting Supplies. Thearica offers crazy quilt kits, embellishments, trims, Venice lace,Silkies (ciggies), beads, etc. She carries the tiny porcelain roses that I love to use for a soft touch to any project. They would be adorable on a Christmas stocking, speaking of which, putting together a sampling from her shop would be a great inspiration gift for a new or established crazy quilter. We all need inspiration at some point in our journey. So if you have a moment go check out Crazy Quilting Supplies and sign her Guest Book and tell her Pat said Hi!

The other shop is Not Sew Serious offering sweet buttons for clothing, crazy quilting, etc. I love mine and it is hard to use them because I just want to look at them all the time. Here are a few of what she offers. I've used these buttons on purses too.

Wouldn't a card or two be nice slipped into a greeting card or a stash pack for your crazy quilting or sewing friend? Browse her shop to see the various styles she offers, you won't leave without grabbing a few I'm sure.

I wanted to mention both merchants are sweet and ship quickly so if you want an easy shopping experience, these two shops will please you.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Version two of 2015 frame

My plans were cancelled for last night so I spent some time making my 2015 calendar with no black frame. The past few months I talked myself into adding something different but as I view it, I wasn't sure if I liked it better with or without so I decided to do both. Sorry if you purchased it already and wanted the plain version. This new one just has the border removed, like I said, same calendar just no border. Available here.
So, I have an empty day on my hands, what to do? I think I'll go see if mom wants to go to the post office, then to lunch after a visit. I think she might. Then I am going to make lasagna for her dinner. She has been asking me for it and I just haven't stopped to do it. So today is the day.

As advertised, Pam Kellogg released her CQ calendar yesterday featuring 13 crazy quilter's. I am honored to be featured among them. Thank you Pam. It is available on Magcloud here.

 I'm off to start my day. I hope you had a great weekend and have a great day!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

2015 Crazy Quilt Calendar

Hi Peeps, my 2015 crazy quilt calendar is published  on Magcloud. I added the button to my sidebar for easy access.

Thirteen months of inspiration to keep you stitching all year. Full color photos of various projects I've made recently and through the years. No duplicates from the three calendars I've published previously. 
Just a heads up, makes a great gift for the crazy quilters in your life or for those who enjoy this beautiful Art.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Feels like Autumn

After five days of hot humid weather I am loving the cooler mornings. Autumn seems like it is creeping in early this year. Leaves are falling and most of the Autumn flowers have bloomed around here already. I stitched a bit in the garden yesterday until the sun heated things up. Grandmas Hibiscus is dropping its gooey spent blooms all over the back deck so it has to be sprayed down daily, ugh! But they are so pretty, and it was Grandma's so it will remain where planted.

 I'm trying to finish a purse but there are always other things that take my attention. I'm wondering if it will ever get done????

 I did get the Autumn issue of CQGatherings published.
 You can order it on my sidebar if you haven't already. I'm hoping to get the Winter issue finished early, so if you have tutorials, please send them asap. It is filling up already but still room for some eye candy. I can't believe it is my last issue. I'm a little blue from time to time, but I know it will give me much needed time for my family. Illness and aging can't be put on hold unfortunately. I've always tried to be where I'm needed most, and now it is all about family as I know you will agree.

Speaking of family, the Newlyweds are doing great, I got to spend last weekend with them. It was nice to wake up and make breakfast and treats. We celebrated DH's birthday with Chinese take out and had a nice visit. No, I didn't cook, it was very hot and humid.
My brother and sis in law from Hawaii retired this year and now they are exploring the other side of the island and found this huge cave.
 The brother that threw rotten strawberries at me earlier this year :-)
 My sis in law has been through so much, they deserve to live in paradise. She has survived two cancers. She just finished her round of chemo shortly before they came in May for the wedding. She was tired from time to time,but we sure had fun.
 This is Mila three or four years ago when they renewed their wedding vows on the beach. She is a beauty, she has a sense of humor and I miss her.

Their youngest, my nephew Warren will be married soon and and Steve and Mila are thinking of buying a home around here to come visit and spend some time. Then I will get to enjoy more family time with them. 

I caught a pic of this little red dragonfly yesterday. Its not a great pic but I was riding around on the golf cart and happened to see it land.
I don't know what got into me but I hopped on the golf cart and rode it around like a kid. Around the barn, down to the corral, up the hill to the garden, through the front yard then did a million circles in the corral before it was out of my system. I have to admit, it was fun. DH was at work, and I planted tall pines so I was out of view from passerby's,lol. Who cares if they think I'm nuts! I had fun.
 Since it is cool this morning I'm going to get in a beach walk then visit mom for a bit. A great way to start a long weekend. Perhaps we will get in a motorcycle ride as well. That is always enjoyable to meander country roads and take in the beauty of roadside wild flowers like Queen Anne's lace, Chicory, wild Horseradish and the yellow daisy like flowers that are so abundant this year. I love it when we hit air pockets of the sweet floral scents. In spring it is Lilacs, summer is Bridal Wreath and roses, and soon the Autumn Clematis will be releasing its scent since it has just begun to flower. I just close my eyes and try to inhale all the fragrance I can. Sometimes we do come upon a scent, or odor where I try to hold my breath until I'm blue, like a pig farm or an animal that just wasn't fast enough crossing the road(sorry for that image.) But that isn't often thank goodness.

It will be light soon so I had better straighten the house and grab a bite before I venture out. It is supposed to be 72 degrees today so I'm determined to sit on the porch swing and finish that darn purse! LOL.
I hope you have a wonder day and a fun Labor Day weekend.

Sunday, August 24, 2014